Our Ethos

When I decided to start this company, the first thing I thought about was what do I want it to be? and how do I want it represented to the world? Other than the obvious being fun and playful. There are three things that have always been close to my heart.
The First was caring about my fellow human beings, As, someone who has worked in the clothing industry for multiple companies. I’m aware that the textile industry is still one of the worst industries for slave labour and sweat shops. This is not something I can abide by. Sure, it means I could sell shirts super cheap and make a massive profit. But I want to live in a world where if you work hard day and night. You should be able to provide for your family. Have a roof over your head and full bellies at night.
The second was the environment. I remember a time when we used to darn socks!!!!
We live in a disposable society. Just Hashtag it clothing has come up with multiple ways to help create a sustainable world. A company that makes responsible choices for the environment. This a must for us. Check out below how we are being accountable as a company towards the environment.

Quality, Quality, Quality

I’ve always purposely bought high quality clothing. Yes, it comes at a price, but when it lasts years over the cheap stuff. I’m always happy to pay that extra bit.
Recently I’ve given in buying on Facebook and wow I was disappointed with the quality of clothing I bought. It didn’t fit (despite the fact I looked up the measurements) the fabrics were terrible and most of the clothing fell apart after one wear. I couldn’t believe that companies would want their name attached to these poorly made pieces.
I want to instil in my customers, you will get the highest quality, time after time. Yes, it costs a little more, but you will get oodles of wears out Just hashtag it Clothing, not once or twice.
I want it to be your favourite comfy shirt to wear on weekend in or your go to shirt for the gym every week.
I implore you all when you buy clothing know where it comes from. Make the choice that will Create a positive future for your wardrobe, the environment and your fellow Brothers and Sisters.
Kate Peacock
Just Hashtag It Clothing.


You won’t find our shirts in plastic wrap

Its true plastic is the cheapest form of packaging. But we put our money where our mouth is
All shirts come in a canvas bag, which is reusable. Use it for you socks and knickers when you go away!
This also means its super friendly for the environment, animals and landfill.

Your post bag is made of 100% recycled material

We only purchase recycled packaging that can be recycled again!
so please keep it and reuse it or pop it in the recycling bin.

We use metal free inks and pre-treatment.

Did you know most inks contain metal?
Not cool man, this means not only are we using unstainable natural resources. But they can be toxic too!!!!

Our shirts are sourced from Gildan

Gildan’s Genuine responsibility Program means every year they strive to become more sustainable,
Cut out harmful chemicals and save water. For more information checkout the link to their environmental sustainability page.

We are Paperless

One of the great things about being an online store is we have no need for paper invoicing
Think about all those tress being saved. Invoices are sent online, unless you need them for tax purposes please keep it that way.

100% carbon neutral Courier

We choose to use Sendle as our courier because they care about the environment and are 100% carbon neutral.

Our Shirts are vegan Friendly!

With our shirts being provided from Gildan and our Ink from Armor Inks. There are no animal by-products used in the making of our shirts!

Caring for our fellow human being

No Sweat shops, child labour or slave labour used.
The textile industry today is still one of the most under paid industries.
A lot of the clothes we purchase from “big brand names” still use sweat shops to make the maximum profit possible. To them, the human beings that work for them are nothing more than money makers. No names, no faces.
One of the reason’s we choose to work with Gildan is they have a WRAP certification (worldwide responsible Accredited Production). This means all staff from picking cotton to producing shirts is paid minimum wage. But what we love about them is they also provide onsite medical care, subsidised meals and free transport to work. You can check out more on their website please see the link below.


Use the Highest quality products available.

Once again when starting a business, you can choose to use inferior products to make a bigger profit margin or you can do what we did at Just Hashtag it Clothing and choose the highest quality apparel and inks. Because we want your repeat business. We use Armor Inks which is the highest quality in the digital printing business. Your Apparel is printed on a DTG M2 printer which has state of the art white Ink technology.
At Just Hashtag it Clothing our promise to you is transparency on where our products come from. A Commitment to helping save the environment and HIGH-QUALITY apparel every time.